Carrie Hayashida | Candidate for Cypress City Council, 2022

Carrie Hayashida

☆ Serving the Community ☆

☆ Sustainable Growth ☆

☆ Preserving Quality of Life ☆

Carrie Hayashida | Candidate for Cypress City Council, 2022

My Priorities

I’ve always been highly engaged in initiatives that I feel are important to our city and culture.

Community Development

As a Businesswoman, I believe collaborative partnerships are an essential element to successful projects. Let’s find the balance that benefits Cypress to ensure its fiscal health. We must strive to ensure the common good for residents & businesses. We need to bring back businesses!

As an Educator, I believe we can learn from each other; & develop strategic partnerships supporting Cypress.

Growing Sustainably

As an environmentalist, I am proud to support & encourage changes to how we preserve resources. I want to incorporate sustainable practices throughout the community because everyone CAN do one thing.

This is an important issue that impacts the community with rolling blackouts and mandatory water rationing. We need to assess where we are today, where we are headed, and how to get there.

Trust & Transparency

Cypress has had a lot of recent challenges that has the community asking how we got here and which three candidates will help unify the community.

Since 2020, I have been talking with residents and discussing ways to reduce spending, improve transparency, and forge new partnerships.

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Carrie Hayashida | Candidate for Cypress City Council, 2022
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Meet Carrie Hayashida

Family, character, values, and integrity.

Carrie Hayashida - Family is the most important thing in life!


Blessed with 3 kids who grew up in Cypress! My oldest works at Yamaha, Cypress. Younger two are in college: University of Montana and University of Alabama (Roll Tide)…

As a new empty nester I’m keeping busy campaigning with the hope to serve on the next Cypress City Council!

Carrie Hayashida volunteers in the City of Cypress


  • CA Fire – Wild Fires Self Care
  • FrontLine Workers Self Care
  • Philippine Mission Trip
  • Shamrock Regiment Hospitality
  • WJHS School Site Council
  • WPC Deacon
Project-GreenWorks | Benefiting the Earth One Project at a Time

Building a Better Tomorrow

Education Programs, Career Planning, & Community Outreach.

It’s what we do best! Let’s chat! I want to hear your story!

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Funding is greatly needed in order to compete online and get my message out.

Make a PayPal donation to elect Carrie Hayashida to Cypress City Council 2022
9.23.22 Pickleball Cypress

9.23.22 Pickleball Cypress

Thanks Jodee Tochi for inviting me out! It was amazing to see all the players. Great to hear such good reviews too! It is a draw for outside residents too! Thanks for making the little snack bags! They were a hit!

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9.23.22 Sir Speedy Los Alamitos

9.23.22 Sir Speedy Los Alamitos

Thanks Lori & Shawn and staff! You knocked out my order as promised even with machine issues! Appreciate your help! Your office mascots are the perfect Welcome Crew too!! Thanks Hon. Dean Grose for the referral!!

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9.23.22 Supporting Cypress Small Biz

9.23.22 Supporting Cypress Small Biz

After a loooooong day working on the Campaign it was great to meet Elaine & staff at Dalton's Cafe! The Prime Rib dinner lived up to all the Cypress Community FB posts!!! Thanks Don Roberts!!

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Campaign Supporters

Thank you to the wonderful support of other community members and businesses.

  • 38West
  • 5th Ave Bagelry
  • A & T Auto
  • Phenix Salon/Joann Asari
  • Mari Barke, Member District 2 OCBE
  • Glenda Burch
  • Cypress Natural Cleaners
  • Peter & Naomi Fang
  • Hagino Family
  • Hoffman Family
  • Feng Huang
  • Iwakiri Family
  • Christen & Kristian Jackson
  • Dr. Neal Johnson
  • Kyle & Joey Katsumata
  • Bob & Jean Koehler
  • Konishi Plumerias
  • Kotani Family
  • Kraemer Family
  • Labasan Family
  • Mike Laurent
  • Gerald Lee
  • Darlene Little
  • Helena Loven
  • Mametsuka Family
  • Steven K. Mauss
  • K. Mayemura
  • Mr & Mrs Miyagishima
  • James Nakamura
  • Duy Nguyen
  • NWOC CA Republican Assembly
  • OC GOP
  • Park Cypress RV Storage/Jodee Tochi
  • Mr David Peters
  • Mr. C. Preston
  • Mira Quilaton
  • Don Roberts
  • Ann & Steven Shimono
  • Jane Tochihara
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